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The company is one of the largest producers of rainbow trout. It has three fish farms located in the Rhodopes, whose natural and climatic conditions and water purity determine the excellent quality of farmed fish.

The first farm, “Sinite Hancheta”, is fed by two rivers and a karst spring. It consists of pools, a fish hatchery and a fish processing workshop – certified and meets all requirements for export to EU countries and beyond. The second farm is located on the area of ​​1400 decares in Krichim Dam and is a modern cage base.The third fish farm is located in Vacha Dam and is also a modern cage base.The unique climatic conditions and water qualities allow year-round fish farming.

The company has its own specialized transport for the transfer of processed and live fish.

Main products: Trout – fresh under ice, cleaned, frozen, smoked, fillets and vacuum packaging. Processing of mackerel, bonito, lefer and others; frozen, smoked, whipped, salted; fillets or cutlets.

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