SP “NIK-60 Nedyalko Kolaksazov” Plovdiv

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Our subsidiary company is one of the largest producers of rainbow trout in Bulgaria. It has three fish farms located in the Rhodope mountain region, where the pleasant nature and climatic conditions combined with the pure waters determine the excellent quality of all the breeded fish that we produce.

Our first fish farm known as “Sinite Hancheta” is supplied with fresh mountain water by the jointment two rivers and a pure karst spring. It includes many pools, a fish hatchery and a fish processing facility (certified and meets all requirements for export to EU countries and beyond). The second farm is spread on an area of ​​1400 decares within Krichim dam and has the structure of a modern fish cage base. The third fish farm is located within Vacha dam and also copies the same modern design and built structure. The favorable climate combined with the specific features of the local waters allows for a successful 365 days a year fish breeding process.

The company has its own specialized transport regarding the transfer of processed and live fish.

Main products:

Trout Fish – fresh under ice, cleaned, frozen, smoked, fillets and vacuum packaging.

Processing – mackerel, bonito, lefer and others: frozen, smoked, whipped, salted /fillets and cutlets/.

Our Business Partners:

Dygowa p

Trout Fish


Smoked Trout Fish Fillet
(no skin)

Salmon Trout Fish Fillet
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Smoked Salmon Trout Fish Fillet
(no skin)

Salmon Trout Fish